4163B permanent bitsetting

hi all,

as the post title says, is there any way to enable permanent bitsetting on the lg 4163B for +r dvd’s?
everytime i reboot i have to reset it again


I assume you mean book type setting. If so then the question has been asked before. A guy called alexnoe wrote a little command line utility to set the book type of certain writers. It works with the LG GSA-4163B. If you run it from your startup folder in windows, it will run each time your system boots and set the book type for you. A little batch file is included to help you.

Have a look here :


The readme files explain how to use the utility.

that would be great for a pc, but i was refering to making the bitseting perminent for use in a copy box (acard).
it looks like the bitseting is not perminently set like nec’s etc.
was hoping if one of the firmware guru’s could take a look.


I use Nero, and Nero has Book Typ settings for 4163B. I set it for DVD-ROM.
So, every time I burn DVD+R with nero it automatically sets book type to DVD-ROM.

also found another problem, the lg burns great on there own, but as soon as you have 2 together in the same pc and try and burn to both, they burn at 1.7speed, didn’t have this problem with nec’s?

If you use Nero 6 you don’t have to do that, kabanero. Nero automatically changes all +R into DVD-ROM when you burn with it.