4163B... No C2 error support? Ultra DMA 2 revisited?!

According to a Nero InfoTool screen shot I looked at, the 4163B didn’t have a check in the C2 Errors box?!

Also, many members have reported the 4163B as Ultra DMA 2, while a couple have said it has Ultra DMA 4?! Has this issue been resolved? Has anyone with “Ultra DMA 2” experienced any problems at 16X?


It doesn’t do quality scan.

Using UDMA mode 2, no issue at 16x.

even using UDMA-2 33mb there is no major issue in burning at 16x which are only 22Mb!!

UDMA-2 is more than enough for 16x burn lol…

but i think we need faster than UDMA-2 for HD-DVD or bluray disc lol…may be a UDMA-6 or S-ATA 150/300!!

1x Blu-ray is just 4.5MB/s so initially most manufacturers will just assume UDMA 2 (33MB/s) is still fast and broad enough. 8x Blu-ray by comparison reaches 36MB/s which does require something faster than 33MB/s UDMA 2.

I am confused… the box that says “C2 Errors” in Nero InfoTool, is that ONLY refering to the ability to do quality scans like C1/C2/PI/PIF/JITTER?!


C2 error reporting is not the same as the ability to do C1/C2/PI/PIF/JITTER quality scans.

but using 1x or 2x or 4.5mb/9mb to writen to something like 20GB above is very long time so i think the first generation of HD-DVD/Bluray have to be faster than that otherwise its going to be “back to good old day of 2x DVD buner” :Z

why don’t they puting something faster in first place?? save cost?? :confused:

The first DVD burners were a lot slower. They were 1x DVD-RAM writers that actually were just as fast as 4x CD-RW. :slight_smile:

Blu-ray is rewritable just like DVD-RAM and CD-RW. Blu-ray rewritable writing at 36MB/s would be actually faster than most HDDs.

mm its the time for Hard drive Upgrade lol :smiley:


You should have a check for “C2 Errors” in InfoTool. Something is wrong with your setup.
My old GSA-4120 has that checkmark, so you should too with a newer drive.
I think it means the ABILITY to report C2 rather than do a scan for C2.