4163B, mixed feelings

Just managed to acquire one of these drives fairly cheap and am having mixed results in the burns.

GOOD/BAD: A lot of media (a mixture of -r and +R) will burn very good up until the 3.5GB mark then go to pot but strangely in the last 2-300MB the burn quality starts to get better, this is damn annoying in the extreme.

GOOD: The biggest suprise I’m seeing is reasonable burns on B-grade (Arita brand) Ritek R03 media, this is burning better than any of my other drives can (the best of which can produce barely acceptable burns).

BAD: Boy the motor on this drive is noisy. Now I’m an overclocker so I’m used to cases full of noisy fans and such but this drive drowns out even them!

BAD: Runs hot, maybe I got a bad example but disks come out hotter than even my speed patched Philips.

BAD: Flimsy tray, havent seen a tray so flimsy on a drive for years, seems like every time I drop a disk in the tray its going to break. All my other drives have far more sturdy trays than this (including some ol LG drives).

BAD: Eurgh, CD burning quality seem to be a little hit and miss and horrible visible rings from the Z-CLV burning, granted I dont burn much audio (or data CDs at all for that matter) but, yuk.

If the quailty at end of the disk can be improved then it would be impressive as on some media upto the 4GB mark I’m seeing total PIF rates under 100! :eek: but in the last 300MB they typically sky rocket to over 3000!. :confused:

Try some of the media I have listed in my sig. with the A103 firmware. I have had very high quality burns with my LG.


1: I have noticed the same thing with some media, I would think newer firmware can fix this.

2: I have had good burns also on B grade

3: I only notice a slight difference in sound over my BenQ 1620 and I have a Quiet system though overclocked.

4:, 5: My drive does not run hot at all, neither does my BenQ. The tray on my unit is comparable to my BenQ.

6: I use a seperate CD drive for burning CD’s

  1. I’ve never noticed this with my drive as I don’t often do quality scans. I have noticed though that if I do a normal scandisk with Nero CD-DVD speed on discs burned a few months ago, the curve gets a bit wobbly towards the end, indicating a bit of problems reading the disc towards the end. Perhaps this is the same thing showing.

  2. I have to agree with this. I’ve burned some discs which are considered horrible in quality with few problems. The worst of the lot is discs with media id “MEDIA ID-001-00”. I don’t even know who the manufacturer is but they burn fine and can be read back on everything I’ve tried them on.

  3. I don’t agree with this though. My 4163 is completely silent. I cannot hear the motor at all. When burning, I sometimes have to look at the light on the drive to make sure it’s still going. It’s that quiet.

  4. Discs that are burned on my drive do come out quite hot.

  5. The tray seems strong enough to me. I had an old Teach 12X CDROM drive once with a tray which was little more than a thin sheet of plastic. Compared to that, the LG tray is fine.

  6. Those rings depend on what brand of discs you use. I’ve used some discs which end up with those rings and some that don’t. I guess the drive doesn’t use the same strategy for all brands of CDRs.

I find that the rings are when the drive changes speed. If I do a burn at 16x it changes speed up and down and this can be seen in the rings, but if I do a burn at 8x or 4x the disc is all the same colour.

Agree this drive is very quiet for both read and write

  1. I have never noticed the increasing PIE at the end of the disc with the LG I have, no matter what disc I have been used.

  2. My LG do become noisy when burning cd at 40x, but it is because I can’t screw the drive on one side of the case (poor design of the case).

4.5. The disc is never hot even with prolonged continuous use (12 hours), and nothing wrong with the tray

  1. The disc ring is caused by changing speed in lower quality media, mostly in cd, however I do noticed ring in TYG02 as well. It never happened in my Verbatim datalife plus cdr/dvd+r.

I just got one of these drives a week ago. Haven’t had a chance to use it much yet, but my initial observations:

Drive is pretty quiet. I have several fans in my case, and can’t hear the drive over them until it ramps up to about 12x, and even then it’s not too bad. No vibration sounds.

I’ve burned a few disks sofar, and didn’t notice them being hot when they came out, but I’ll pay closer attention on the next few burns. (I only handle my disks by the edges, so if it was hot, I may not have noticed.)

Door slides open and closed very smoothly, and seems at least as sturdy as any other drive I’ve owned.

For the disks I’ve burned so far, the quality scans have been pretty darn good.

I’ll keep cooking disks, and if I notice anything odd, I’ll update.

hey guys

I cant say im happy with the Super multi drive (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B) iv tryed heaps of cd-r’s but i cant burn over 16x ?, so i tryed updating the firmware with no luck i get an error when i try to flash it (Updating was failed. Please repeat that. (Error data = 70 00 05 00 00 00 00 10 3B 14 00 80 24 00 00 C0 00 03 00 00 00 00, it burns dvd’s fine :a

anyone else have this problem?

Crappy IDE drivers on your system maybe?

For example Nvidia nforce, some via, as well as intel application accelerator is known to cause strange problems. Especially nvidia nforce is bad, stick to the MS one included in your OS.

im running the nvidia drivers, so ill try change them
thanks for your help

Hey OC-Freak, thanks for your help :bow: the MS ide drivers worked a treat
any idea why the nvidia driver is so crap?

i cant belive it, iv been ripping my hair out trying to get this bloody thing to work

NVidia driver problems are very notorious. Not drive-related.


That’s been pissing me off for weeks now. I think MSI Auto Update whacked the drivers on, ugh, it was running my 4163 in PIO mode - even when I removed everything off the IDE channels except it - and everytime I burned stuff my computer was locking up.

Dunno why I didn’t think to check the controller drivers tho. But thanks! Running proper now I’ve removed 'em and gone back to the MS ones?

So does anyone happen to know if the nVidia SATA drivers are shite too? Is there a way I can safely sack these off to get some better performance out of my two hard disks?

Cheers all