4163B is noisier than Liteon



Ok I haven’t yet burned anything with the drive, but I tested to see if it was working a-ok by putting in a cdr into it to see if the files load up… they do.

But as long as the cd is in the drive, the 4163B is thrumming strongly… it’s the motor because the thrumming stops when it times out.

The liteon cd burner in comparison is much less vibey.

I’m surprised by this because generally people say LG is quieter but this is not what I’m seeing here at all.


Most people use their dvd writer to burn dvd’s, not to play cd’s. Maybe that is why. :slight_smile:


Noise is something very difficult to test objectively. Even a difference of one bolt can make big difference in noise.

But I think LG drives tend to vibrate less than Lite-On drives when playing and burning CD media. Lite-On drive were made to run faster and LG drives were made to run more silently. GSA-4163B makes most serious noise when burning DVD media at 16x because it is the only drive that reaches 7.3x at start and 16x at 3.5GB.

If LG or Lite-On drives made too much noise without any seemingly right reason, nobody would buy them. Would PC manufacturers build PCs with such noisy drives?


My 4163B is dead silent. I can’t hear anything at all from it even when burning, so much so that I have to look at the status light to make sure it is still on. It shouldn’t be that noisy. It would be quieter without a disc in the drive, because then the motor isn’t spinning.

The vibration you hear could be the drive shaking about in the drive bay. Try checking if the drive is screwed on properly in it’s drive bay. Make sure you really use 4 screws and tighten them (but till they are just tight, not until your arm breaks off).

The other thing could be where your computer case is placed. Mine is on a carpeted floor so any vibrations are absorbed by the carpet. If you have yours on a table for example, the table could be acting as a hollow chamber amplifying the noise of the vibrations.

Also, see if the case is seated properly on whatever surface it is placed on. If it is slighly warped for example, and only part of the bottom is touching the surface it is placed on, the spinning of the drive could be causing the case to vibrate because of the case’s uneven placing, causing a fair bit of noise.

I’m guessing the liteon probably doesn’t have quite as powerful a motor, but the LG still shouldn’t be that loud.


It isn’t a matter of the power of the motor, it’s more a matter of the effectiveness of the antivibation / autobalancing mechanism. There are also noticeable differences in the amount of spindle whine with different drives, similar to hard drives with ball bearings, but I believe this is often masked by sound deadening methods used in different manufacturer’s drives.

I was just working with a Liteon 52327S drive last night, and it could not properly balance more marginal discs, in this case Sony blank CD-R’s. In the same drive, Fuji media I used (both Prodisc and TY mfg’d discs) did not show vibration problems when burned at the same speed. Any of the disc showing audible vibration had C1 & C2 errors clustered around the end portion of the disc or spiraled around the same area and coastered the burn.

I burned a Sony CD-R disc from the same spindle at the same speed on an LG 8527B today, and there was no audible vibration whatsoever. In my experience owning 5 or 6 different Liteon optical recording products, they have a lot more spindle noise and vibration than I have ever experienced with modern LG products. As a technician this doesn’t necessarily bother me as it helps me to diagnose problems and tell when the drive isn’t running properly, but it likely bothers a lot of users. I have a 4163B as well, and it is a very quiet drive.


After noticing a made in Korea 4163B was really no different noise wise from a Chinese made one, I then tried a NEC 3520.

The NEC 3520 motor is smoother and thus a bit quieter, and it times out too when CDs are idle instead of whirring and whirring away.

So I think I will be a NEC user for now.

The Pioneer A09 would have been the quietest drive, but I wasn’t going to pay more than double the cost to get a retail box A09 especially now that new hardware is coming out in the short term. The OEM 109s are not 100% the same drive and lack certain things including some quiet tech that the retail one has.


I can only say again that noise isn’t something you can easily test and compare very objectively. :slight_smile:

A drive may generate more noise if it has trouble trying to read the inserted disc than another (same thing as cbjwthwm said above.)