4163b dvd read probs

Hi peeps
ive buyed a lg gsa 4163b and the drive has some problems reading “new” dvd’s. I bought the southpark dvd box and when i insert a dvd, the drive needs too much time to read the disk or it doesnt read it at all… and sometimes it reads the disc succesfully but when i play it it stops a few seconds and then continues to play…

the drive is master on the second ide

would be nice to get some help :slight_smile:

p.s.: sorry for my crappy english :smiley:

Is DMA activated for the drive?

yes its activated and i installed the standard ide driver on my abit nf7 with the nforce 2 chipset

Do these DVDs have an extra copy-protection scheme?

What does DVDDecrypter say when accessing/ripping them?

there are no indications on the package that those dvd’s have a copy protection on them :confused:
hm i used smartripper to rip it and no problems were reported