4163b & dvd-ram

I know that 4163B support DVD-RAM burning, however, I just found out that there are many types of DVD-RAM on the market, I am wondering which types of DVD-RAM works on 4163B and what are their differences.

There is 1X RAM, 3X Ram and 5X RAM. Due out soon is 16X RAM. The 4163 will read and play all but 16X and I am not sure what it will do with 16X. It might read and record at a slower speed and it might not. The difference between the types is speed. There is also two sided RAM and there is RAM in a protective cartridge. This works the same as the regular stuff but you would flip over the dual side to use it and you would remove the cartridge to use that type in the LG. Here is a link for some good RAM for the LG.


Get 5x DVD-RAM either double-sided or single-sided but without cartridges. Either Hitachi-Maxell or Matsushita-Panasonic.

Good luck finding any in the USA. 3x is all I ever see. :sad:

See my link to 5X Panasonic. They have been in stock since March. Their shipping is decent and they deliver.

Thanks. Ordered 2, but it came out to almost $9 per disc with shipping. (as much as a 5-pack of 3x Panny) Ouch. :frowning:

You must live at the ends of the earth. They only hit me up for $7. Finally, a benefit to living in MN.

I brought an OPTODISC RAM :S unknown speed rating double-sided under the name of Imation (Type-4 with removable caddy) and it burns at 2x … no such thing as 2x ram :confused:

Both the 3X and the 5X are rated from 2X and up so clearly some does burn at 2X depending on your burner. One other thing to be aware of; my Pioneer 109 doesn’t recognize 5X RAM.

My Pioneer 109 (firmware 1.55) has no problem reading 5x DVD-RAM.

I am using UDF - not tried the Pioneer with FAT32.

I got my 5x speed DVD-RAM (Maxell) from the US, but they are available in Europe now - Panasonic, IIRC.

I’ll have to try again after I flash the new firmware. Thanks for the tip. Mine was UDF as well; might have been a fluke.

Transfer Rate for DVD-RAM:

sighz well - i just about fed up wid ram, slow transfer rate … snail crawls along

You don’t use DVD-RAM for speed (although that will change when (if) 16x DVD-RAM is introduced).

The read speed of the Pioneer 109 is limited to 2x, irrespective of the speed of the media.

This is the same 5x speed DVD-RAM disc, but in the LG4163 :

I’m using a 4163B and it’s locked 2x on the OPTODISC, read or write :frowning: … i understand not for speed, but UDF happened to lock disc in read only due to write error!


DVD-RAM Slow because of the defect system + Writer verificiation :wink:

A question.

I’ve just got a dvd-ram & when I try to format it I only get the Fat32 option although I see reference to UDF in this thread.

How can I format it as UDF?

What program?
For InCD you need to enable the advanced settings, then go in there before formatting to choose your file type.