4163B Driver

Could anyone of you help me to get an English driver for GSA-4163B? I just brought a Buffalo DVSM-DH516U2 in Japan which only comes with a Japanese driver…

Please also suggest how to make the drive works if you have any other idea.

Thanks in advance.

What driver are you talking about? For normal use, no driver is needed. If you want to use dvd-ram media, the best option is to use Nero InCD. If you don’t want that, look for Panasonic dvd-ram driver in this forum. There are several threads with links to the driver.

Windows XP can format a dvd-ram disc as FAT32 with no added software.

It’s slower than UDF for large files (more than 50Mb?).

Thanks for both’s information.

I mean the driver for the DVD-RAM… I tried to get it from the links within this site, but failed. Do you have any link that I can go to get the driver?

Be more specific. What do you want exactly? There are very many ways to have drivers for DVD-RAM. What’s your OS and what’s your software for burning and what’s your application (usage) of DVD-RAM media?

I use the following:
WinXP Traditional Chinese, Nero and Windows Movie Maker (for preparing the movie files)

It is intended to use for making my own DVD video from my DV. However, it alwasys stopped when the file is near 4GB… I found that in my Japanese installation disk for the 4163B there is a folder called “Driver”, however, the “Install.exe” cannot be excuted by a Chinese version XP. So I guess there must be something wrong with the current driver in my XP. And I asked the first question. Forgive my ignorance in using DVD burning device! :bow:

Now, my further question is how to change to use UDF instead of FAT32? I found some links from this site and downloaded those files (regarding the DVD-RAM) yesterday. After installing it, there is nothing change and the maximum file size is still 4GB.

Would there be anything I missed to check or install? Or Should I install the Windows Media Maker again now?

Thanks in advance.

stopped when the file is near 4GB

It’s supposed to do that. That’s the max the disc can hold. 4.26GB on a formatted disc. (give or take depending on the file system)

Recent versions of Nero’s InCD can handle UDF file system - I cannot remember from which version, as I don’t use it.

Almost all recent Nero InCD support various UDF versions.

Try www.bhacorp.com as it has a traditional Chinese version. Though to get the English version to install I first had to install and uninstall the December 13,2001 Panasonic driver. panasonic.co.jp