4163B crushed my original CD-Audio =/

Bought this Tuesday, installed Thursday, not yet to burn any DVD :frowning: … I updated to A102 and sent the rebate today… also today in the morning the mail man arrived with an iPod Mini(of my cousin/roommate), wohooo… let’s rip some stuff to put on this baby…install itunes and stuff, then i start ripping to AAC with iTunes… after 3-4 discs I and my cousin hear a loud “BANG” (i was playing Lineage II in my room, she do the ripping) --> no idea at first, continue playing Lineage :bigsmile: , then she report that the LG crushed that CD :confused: and indeed it did :a into thousand small pieces all over inside the tray :Z .

BTW one thing that I notice that I do NOT screw the drive into the case… but my old LiteON has been sitting there for a long time without any scews at all and it doesn’t crush/break any disc… Also I used to hear some horror stories about LG CD-ROM crush disc, but after all the hype and praise recently I think they improve it, but the truth is :a

Right now I dis-connect it and put it outside… and remove all of the small cd piece inside (at least I think so :confused: ), so what do I do now? In Canada at Futureshop we have 30-day fully satisfaction guaranteed but I’ve already cut the box to send the rebate… also I bought a BenQ 1620 in 26/12 but return it later (around 22/01-who in there right mind pay 150CDN for a BenQ 1620. The reason I bought that BenQ is just for the sake of a CDFREAK :D, playing, testing with burner and stuff ) at the same futureshop store… so I’m quite skeptical to talk to them again because they might think I’m abusing the system :sad:

does anyone own a 4163B and have the same problem with me?

BTW kenshin, ya play Lineage, right :wink:


BTW when I “slip” (word choice?) the drive upside down I can hear some stuff “moving” inside. is it normal?


search and found and thread on the “moving stuff noise” - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=122990 , but then thread hjack at its best --> sushi (inclduing our beloved moderator :eek: ) :wink: (j/k, no offence :slight_smile:

BTW I like sushi too., actually the wasabi stuff, or is it the sauce.arrhh… drooling …

You have no way of knowing if you had a bad disk or a mechanical problem with the drive. Run, do not walk to the Future Shop. They will take another drive off the shelf, take the drive out of the box, put it in your box and send your old drive away in the unmodified box after they get the serial numbers etc. straightened around. That is what they did for me when I had an out of the box failure with a Western Digital hard drive. Do not give them a lot of details as if they suspect bad media they could tell you that you are on your own. Of course you bought the media at the Future Shop, did you not?
In any event, you will never be able to trust that drive again should you take it apart and clean and fix it yourself.

Yep Futureshop should exchange it for you no problem. The only you can’t do is return it since you’ve already sent in the rebate. As for shattering CDs, I doubt it’s the 4163 itself causing the problems. Usually these are caused by bad/damaged/warped discs that causes excessive vibrations when it’s being spun at high RPMs (the 4163 btw isn’t a very fast reader). Also when you get your replacement drive remember to screw it in since an unsecure drive could also case damage simply because it’s far more prone to movement and vibrations when in use compared to a properly secured drive.

thanks for all of your input… the disc is an original CD-audio(gift from US) and I did a disc copy with my Liteon for my friend just fine, not a crappy CD-R media stuff (I have tonnes at home) so it is hard for me to bielive that my LG crush the disc… i’m gonna go straight to futureshop tommorow…hopefully it is just a defective disc or an isolated case of LG…