4163B compatibility..... maybe 4165!

Hi guys,

I want to add a DVD writer to an Intel P III 1 GHz PC with 512 MB RAM (soon to be upgraded to 1 gig), 200 MB 7200 rpm ATA-100 HDD with 8MB buffer and windows xp pro sp2. After much thought, I settled on the LG 4163B. However, I was shocked to find that it needs at least an Intel P IV 2.4 GHz to run. However, browsing the forum, I have learnt that the ‘minimum’ specs for a drive are not really what is stated on the label. Do you think that the 4163B will run fine on my system? If so… yipeeeee :smiley: … if not… which features will be fine and which will suffer :confused: …?

also, do you think i should wait for the 4165… or is the system going to be too slow for it!!!

Thanks a lot…

I have just got a LG 4163B recently. I have a P3-850 running with 4163B and no problem at all. My 40G WD harddisk is still holding enough speed to write 16x but I cannot open anything else during the burn…it just takes ages for the HD to respond…
Your system is much better than me and it should be fine.
By the way, I like LG 4163B more than my liteon 1653S, it always gives better burn results…

thanx ccheng3388… i am just trying to choose which one to get - the 4163 or the plextor 716A… the 4163 does DVD-RAM… but the PX-716A seems to be much faster :smiley:

also, should i consider any other drives?? :confused:


I was going to reply your similar post in the plextor forum and noticed you also posted here, so I will reply here in the LG forum. :slight_smile:
If you mean “fast” by media support, yes the PX-716A can burn some 8x media up to 16x while the 4163 supports some 8x @12x only with stock firmware (please correct me). However, comparing 16x burn speed, the 716a can only burn around 5:54 mins while 4163 with P-CAV @16x can reach 5:17mins (I don’t have the link to the 5:17 scan, someone?).

also, should i consider any other drives?? :confused:

In addition, it seems the firmware from LG is subject to speed patches while Plextor’s is not, due to its scrambled packaging. See ALA’s work

LG GSA-4163B’s box says minimum system requirements are:
CPU: Pentium III 700MHz or higher, IBM PC or compatible (Recommended: Pentium IV 2.4GHz or higher)
RAM: 512MB or larger is recommended
Hard Disk: 10GB or more of available hard disc space
Direct X 9.0 or higher is needed
Videocard memory 128MB or higher is recommended

I was wondering what the videocard memory or direct X version has to do with burning dvd-r’s?

I don’t have a link to that 5:17 burn, but here is my 16x burn on TYG02@TYG03, which only took 5:14. Does that count? :slight_smile:

Maybe something to do with DVD Video Playback???

The dvd authoring programs which are bundled with the drive require that.

Wow, I thought that’s really fast. Unfortunately your burn is not a full disk, yours 4467MB vs a full 4489 on -Rs. So 22mb short. :wink:

Here is a 5.16 min burn using 16x Infiniti DVD-R (MCC R03G20) :

And here is it’s QS :

I knew that was gonna come back to haunt me… :slight_smile:
Now that I can burn ISO images with CD Speed, I will try some more tests… maybe I can reach the same speed as I did with DVD Decrypter. :bigsmile:

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How do you make the drive burn P-CAV?

this might be a stupid question, but my quality scans don’t have them peak drops, so thats why a ask.