4163B Burning VERY slow



picked up a 4163B a few days ago. up until yesterday i had been burning Ritek 4X (took me about 15 minutes per disk which I assume is normal). yesterday i bought a spindle of FujiFilm 8X DVD+R (T02-YUDEN000). Nero tells me that they are burning at 12X yet it is taking me… 22 minutes to burn the disk!!! (despite nero saying it should take 8 minutes). I’ve tried shutting down all my background programs but it makes no difference. Any clues on what, if anything, I am doing wrong causing my 8X to take so much longer than my 4X?


Use Nero CD speed to do a transfer test on the a blank disc then save the screenshot.


Is your firmware at A104? It is possible your firmware doesn’t recognize the media. Also have you checked the DMA settings?



Check that the drive is not in PIO Mode, mine did that to me a few days ago.


It is doubtful that it is a firmware issue. YUDEN000-T02-00 media was one of the reference media types the 4163B was tested with by the factory. I remember burning those exact discs (Fujifilm DVD+R 8X) with my 4163B using A100 firmware when I first bought my drive. Had no problems at all.