4163B - Better to Burn at 4X?


I’m looking for some advise on whther its worthwhile burning the 2.4X Verbatim (MKM-001-00) at 4x on this burner using the A04 firmware? It was my first ever burn of a dual layer disc, and was surprised to see that DVD Decrypter would burn it at 2.4x or 4x. I decided to play it safe and burn at 2.4x as this media is pretty expensive in my country (£4 STG which is about $7 USD) and I didn’t fancy a coaster. The disc has verified so I’m happy, but I’d be happier if it didn’t take an hour to burn and verify :bigsmile:

On the whole I’ve been very pleased so far with the burns of from the LG after uninstalling my Pioneer 108. The Verbatim 6x DVD-RW worked well and I got good speed from Traxdata 16x DVD-R (disc in under five mins…sweet…13 mins to verify!). I was a bit dissapointed to lose the 12x burn on the ritek G5 which only burns at the recommended 8x now… oh well, rough with the smooth

Any advice on best burn speed whilst avoiding coasters is appreciated


Hi Jonny_P

You can find two scans of MKM001 burned at 4x on the last page of the Quality scans thread. One has a 90% quality score, which is just about good enough (depending on the dvd player), the other is 94%, which is quite good.
I have just ordered one of these for testing purposes, for about the same price you mention. I will probably try it at 4x also. Most people can’t or won’t spend that much money on media, so don’t expect too much feedback. At least with Verbatim, you have a good chance of success. My previous attempts with Ritek media all failed.

Thnx for the quick response :slight_smile:
There were some ritek printables which were a little cheaper (about $5) but they were only available in spindles of ten so its good to know I chose wisely by avoiding them and sticking with the single verbatims. I’ll have to find something worthy of my 2nd (and last) verbatim and give it a spin at 4X. Like you say, its a costly business, but when you’ve got a dual layer burner its got to be done at least once, just for novelty value!! I’ll have to start saving for some genuine Verbatim 4x media, they were just this side of highway robbery at about $9 :eek: