4163B - Best media?

Q1) I have access to some - Verbatim (8x) Pastel Taiyo Yuden DVD-R
and i’m thinking this would be a good choice for this drive

any comments ?

i’m usually a normal verb -r user

Q2) Is there any media it definetly does NOT like ?

Q3) Verb cdrs - ok on this machine ?

many thanks for your answers

i’m going to try some panasonic dvd-ram as well


You can see which media the LG likes in the thread with quality scans.
In general, LG 4163B works best with top quality media like Verbatim MCC and Tayio Yuden. Verbatim TY should be fine.
With + media, you usually get more choices for burning speeds. For instance, TY T02 (8x +) can be burned at 12x, but TYG02 (8x -) can only be burned at 8x max. Both give excellent results.
What it does not like is most DL media, except for Verbatim. (Just like other good burners.)

About cd’s: I have only tried TY cd’s, no problem there.

Panasonic dvd-ram (basically the same as Verbatim) should work fine.

very helpful thanks

Also look at my media scores; I have tried a few media on a few drives. The LG likes TY -R and MCC 02RG20.