4163b Any issues with AMD platforms?

New to the forum and I am ready to purchase the LG 4163b I narrowed it down to the LG I have been reading that the BenQ drives have some problems on AMD platforms I have a ASUS A8v with AMD Athlon64 3200+ and I don’t want any problems with a burner…

What AMD platform problems exactly? Isn’t A8V a VIA-based motherboard? Motherboard chipsets are more important than CPU’s.

I have 3200+ (S754) on Asus K8VSE Dlx. board; never had a single problem w/. the 4163 related with my systerm configuration!


No issue with nForce2 mobo

No issues with an nForce3 motherboards. Very happy with the drive.

I never had any chipset-related problem for using ODDs on any of my AMD-based motherboards. I’ve used some VIA, SiS, nForce 1, nForce 3, AMD chipset motherboards.

EDIT: DOH! Didn’t see the links at the bottom of the page. Disregard :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean the link for this?

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Good to see you are safe. :slight_smile:

Thanks Everyone
LG 4163b it is I just ordered one

Yep :wink:

Thanks for the good wishes, Kenny. Luckily, I am on the west coast, and the east coast, esp. Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry bore the brunt of the tsunamis. Too many people dead there, and in Sri Lanka and Indonesia and Thailand :frowning: