4163B and PIE/PIF scanning - if and when?



I’m probably getting this writer very soon, and I was wondering, are there any news of LG drives getting scanning support or not, because if not, I will just buy an extra Liteon drive for testing.


Why not BenQ (instead of Lite-On)?


or NEC. :slight_smile:


or Plextor. =P


BenQ: not availible here
Plextor: too $$$
NEC: only cdspeed, no kprobe


Using a BenQ drive for PIE/PIF/Jitter scanning is sort of a standard procedure on CDfreaks.com. :slight_smile: (It was once Lite-On combined with K-Probe but as BenQ DW1600/1610/1620 proved better in writing and scanning…)


Where do you live? Plextor costs too much almost everywhere but BenQ should be available in most countries.

CD-Speed can do almost anything K-Probe can do.


What so special about KProbe ? =)
If BenQ is unavailable… search for Philips 1625/1645 (BenQ 1620) or wait for Plextor 740 (BenQ 1640).

Kenshin: BenQ isn’t available in our country either. =)


Or Nu-tech DDW163. :bigsmile: (Which is exactly what I use for PIE/PIF scanning.)


Or MSI DR16-B =P


It was availible some time ago, but now in this shop that I get my stuff from, it’s gone.


Just one shop?


Well yeah, I get stuff at lower prices from there. Hell, half the stuff I get practically for free. =)


I can imagine why the stuff is gone when you come back to that shop… if they give it away. :slight_smile:


Nobody has really answered by original question though - is there any hope for LG drives getting PIE/PIF scanning soon?


LG is usually conservative, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. Who knows though…we may see a firmware “addition” for it.


Buy another from BenQ or Lite-On or Plextor was the commonsense. Everyone replied so because everyone knows LG has no plan for it.