4163B A105 Region Free Firmware Available



The Dangerous Brothers have released region free versions of A105 firmware for the 4163B. As usual, available in RPC1 and auto reset flavours. Not tested it yet myself though.

Get it here

Thought I’d start a thread instead of putting in the A105 thread as people might not notice it there.

Thanks to the Dangerous Brothers for getting it out so fast!


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Just been to tdb A104 the most recent listed


Strange, I see A105 over here



Probably browser cache or your ISP’s proxy server caching an old version of the page. Try holding down shift while clicking on the reload button.


thanks…any instructions ? there are 2 .exe files in there…which one ?
what’s for the other one?


From Dangerous Bros site “When you flash your drive with a region free firmware (RPC-1), you remove the region counter from the drive itself completely, but with this counter gone, the software counters kick in to replace the one from the DVD drive. This means that you still have these other 2 to defeat!!!.
An alternate region free solution that is available for some drives is known as an “Autoreset” firmware: Instead of removing the counter from the drive completely, the counter simply resets itself to an unlocked state when the computer is restarted. This way, the drive appears as region protected (RPC-2) but the counter can be changed indefinitely.”
RPC1 .exe removes region counter & auto .exe resets the counter.


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Here’s a little bit more information to help you decide which to use :

Some movies have a kind of region protection which will detect if the player playing it is RPC1. If it is, the disc will refuse to play. I have not encountered this before and have only read about it. I doubt that it is commonly used. Still, if you mainly use your DVD writer to watch movies, and you want to make absolutely sure every movie will play on it, then you probably want the auto-reset firmware, which shows up as RPC2.

Some DVD ripping programs such as DVD Decrypter, have a bit of difficulty breaking the encryption on discs if the DVD drive you are ripping from is RPC2. It does not have that problem with RPC1 drives though. So if you happen to use your drive to rip DVDs quite a bit, you might want to use the RPC1 firmware.

This is what I know so far anyway. Corrections, comments, etc are welcome.


It is not commonly used.
I own over 600 DVD.
All my players are RPC1 and none of the discs refused to play.



thanks macrobe & karangguni …for the reply
since i’m a new owner it’s still hard choice to make
i want them both to rip some DVD but mostly for playing
is there a software + firmware solution for that…like using AnyDVD/DVD Genie + RPC1 firmware
i gues i’ll go for the RPC1 and have to deal with a soft. program to help ripping


If you use AnyDVD there is no hassle at all.
It does with your region codes whatever you want.
My LG 4163 has no region code set at all, since AnyDVD is running all the time.



If you go with the RPC1 version of the firmware, you will only need DVD Genie for playing DVD movies. DVD Decrypter is still about the best ripper you can get right now. It is freeware but you might have to do some searches for where to download it from as the author had to shut down his webpage because of legal threats from a certain movie company.


This is the new official homepage: http://www.dvddecrypter.r8.org/



The home page is a joke


What’s a joke for what?


joke as in fake: take a look at this thread:

Particularly at this page:

and this post:


I got it. :slight_smile:


It was Macrovision not Sony.


I have just uploaded the firmware A105… first the RPC1 file, then I rebooted… I inserted a DVD and then the DVD player set itself to region 2. I then Inserted a region 1 DVD and I got the message asking if I want to change the region and that I only have two left chages" I figured that I then needed to upload the A105Auto.exe file… I did and rebooted again… I am still getting the screen of region changes… What should I do? or what did I do wrong?


If you use the resetting version, you can change region as often as you want because the number is reset each time. With rpc1, you can play all regions. But there are two other factors, your operating system and your player software.
See here.