4163B A103 Roxio CDCR6 raw disc copy issues

I’m running into an issue where if I use the raw copy method on Roxio Easy CD Creator 6’s Disc Copier, I get discs which are unreadable shortly into the burn. The burn completes fine without errors. I can burn good data discs successfully using other parts of the program which are not using the raw mode.

On the same system, I can create Nero data discs with flawless burn quality, so obviously this issue has something to do with the raw mode and not the media’s compatability with this drive. The media I am using is Fuji 48x CD-R discs, unfortunately not Taiyo Yuden but the Prodiscs (made in Taiwan).

Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe this is a firmware bug with this drive’s raw mode support.

Super old dead thread here, but I had these issues in the past and ran across them again today on a DVR-116D f/w 1.09 trying to back up some dying (scratched) discs. I remember having these issues a few years back as well and just stopped using RAW mode because the stuff I was backing up didn’t need the RAW mode anyway. Anybody ever find a fix for this?

I would use CloneCD.