4163 - Verbatim 8x DVD+ media at 6x?



Hi new to this forum. I have the GSA-4163.

I bought some cheap 8x infinity media which burn fine at 8x speed. Funny thing though when i bought the more expensive and quality verbatim 8x dvd+ media they show up as 12x but during the recording process it never exceeds 6x!!! Is anyone else having this problem? I read the review on hardwarezone and they also have the same problem. I have firmware version a101 (waiting for the a102 to become official). Shouldn’t these discs run at least 8x? Can anyone explain?

The other problem i’m having is that when i open up nero or any other recording software i see that buffer underrun is supported, but as soon as i insert any media it changes to either not supported or under alcohol 120% the burn free technology shows “unknown”!!! is this a faulty drive? can anyone check this on their drive or explain. thanks.

By the way the TDK 8x dvd+ media works at 12x but i couldn’t find them to buy in 25 or 50 packs here in the UK. only found them at 49p per disc somewhere.


You probably have fake MCC003.

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anyway, how can i check if the disc is the correct one or not. i bought the discs from a trusted local pc store and they were sealed and had the verbatim packaging. i doubt these are fake. have u tried them on ur 4163 kenshin?


and just read this!

Well first A102 test was not to good. I burned a film off tv to a yuden000-T02 nero and set it for 12x the burn never went past 6x. total burn time was 9:25

media fujifilm brand MID=Yuden000-T02"

here: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-121940.html


Read other threads about GSA-4163B first please.

All MCC003 results I have seen for the last three months in GSA-4163B have been all very good at 12x.

Your result looks exactly like those with fake MCC003.


And right on the next post, KenW made a good 12x burn on the same type of media. The 6x burn was mostly likely have been caused by his PC problem. I haven’t seen any YUDEN000T02 burned at 6x (with Nero CD-Speed, that is.)


could you tell me how to check if the disc is or not MCC003. I’m a total newbie.


Compare these two YUDEN000T02 results:



They used the same files actually, but in a different software (Nero Burning Rom vs. latest DVD Decrypter) and differently stored on HDD (folder vs. ISO image file.)

I have to know the names and the phone numbers of the store owners and the employees to find out whether they were fakes or not and the cost to talk to them should be nearly zero for me. Otherwise, it’s best you ask them since you must live a lot closer to them.


BTW, I see no reason why you shouldn’t try A102 firmware (easily found on my LG firmware page.) It’s not that important where you get it from unless you are one of the makers (including the people who hack firmware.) They usually don’t like it when they find the files are on servers they don’t directly control.


so is this wrong? check the ID.


It’s easy enough to tell if they’re genuine or not. There should be a serial number printed on the dye side of the disc, on a ring surrounding the plastic hub. It’s has sort of a holographic effect so you have to angle it right under the light to be able to see it. Post the serial number here and I can tell you.





No doubt about it, those are legitimate MCC003 discs. Maybe you got a bad batch…? I have some MAXELL002 discs here that are supported up to 12x on my PX-712A burner but they rarely burn over 6x.


i thought they were legitimate because they don’t look like cheap discs. how comes they review on hardwarezone also had the same problem?

look: http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?id=1341&cid=29&pg=8


shows up as 12x but takes 10:17 to burn? I’m sure that is not right. I hope it’s not the drive…


I read the review at HWZ right on the day it was posted. However, look at the list.

DVD-R = Fujifilm 8x (TYG02)

DVD-R = TDK 8x (TTG02)

DVD-R = Verbatim 8x (MCC 02RG20)

DVD-R = Maxell 8x (MXL RG03)

DVD-R = Ritek 8x (RITEKG05)

DVD-R = Philips 8x (CMC MAG,AE1)

DVD+R = Verbatim 16x (MCC004)

DVD+R = BenQ 16x (PhilipsC16)

DVD+R = BenQ 8x (DAZONAZ2)


DVD+R = Smartbuy 8x (PRODISCR03)

DVD+R = SKY 8x (AML002)

DVD+R = Verbatim 8x (MCC003)

DVD+R = Fujifilm 8x (YUDEN000,T02)

DVD-RW = Mitsubishi 4x (MCC 01RW4X)

DVD-RW = Verbatim 4x (MCC 01RW4X)

DVD+RW = Smartbuy 4x (PRODISCW02)

DVD+RW = Maxell 4x (RICOHJPNW11)


DVD+RW = Verbatim 4x (MKMA02)

DVD+RW = Fujifilm 4x (RICOHJPNW11)

Only five types of 8x DVD+R and two types of 16x DVD+R media were tested and there’s no indication more than one disk for each type was used for testing or whether different speeds and different firmware were tested.

As I said above, read the threads on this forum first. You can find far more complete and balanced test results here.

As for the MCC003 you have, same thing: contact the person who is responsible for the media. You can burn MCC003 at 12x in GSA-4163B. If you still doubt that, please search.


Either your PC problem or defect media or both. Slow burning caused by media defects and problems on the source for burning could result in a lot more PIE/PIF errors than usual which can lead to slower read-back though it shouldn’t have been that way in a perfect world of DVD recording.


LG must not have a good write strategy for these discs yet. Wait for a firmware update to fix it, and in the meantime I guess you have to suffer the 6x speeds :frowning: That or use some different media.


im sure my pc is fine. the drive seems to be operating fine. i personally think its media incompatibility (even though i have lack of experience with optical drives). i’ll wait for firmware update.


41 total PIF’s and 20 total PIF’s on YUDEN000T02 at 12x and MCC003 at 12x. That’s just one example. 80 total PIF’s on MCC004 at 16x. Just as perfect as 16x with MCC03RG20 which allows even faster recording than MCC004.