4163: "Tracking Servo Failure" = dead burner?

Well, I can’t complain–this little LG 4163 has burned well over 500 DVDs, about 30% of them DL. Of course, it was burning a DL, not a SL, when I got the dreaded “Tracking Servo Failure” error, so that’s a $2.50 coaster, not a $.20 one. Oops. (And I only use Verbatim, for both SL and DL.)

Just went to the Egg and ordered the new H10N–w/tax and shipping it came to $37.

I have 3 other burners, so I just went to my BenQ 1620 to finish my job. I read some other posts on the Tracking Servo Failure, and since all of them said one possible cause was a faulty drive, and since new drives have gotten so unbelievably cheap, I figured it wasn’t worth the time to troubleshoot, especially since the LG had burned so many discs in its life, and gave me more than my money’s worth. Guess it was time for it to retire. :wink:

Hope the H10 gives me just as good service. And I thought you guys might like to hear how well the 4163 treated me thru many coaster-less burns.

Haven’t seen you for a while. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your 4163. Mine is still working but I hardly use it anymore as the newer burners do a better job. Post how your new LG is doing. It is one I am missing.

Thanks for the welcome. On the 4163, it had a good long life… and it gave me an excuse to get a newer model! Can’t be bad, can’t be bad.