4163 Problems with sound....HELP!

Hi all,

1st post for me after just purchasing the 4163. Everything fitted in and the pc started up. The issue is that the sound level coming form the 4163 when playing a DVD is very low (volume that is not tone lol). That causes me to turn the volume up and then i hear all the high pitch interferance when its reading form the drive. Playing a Audio CD is fine, it just happens when I’m playing a DVD. Is this normal or do you think its a problem with the drive. I’d hate to have to send it back…

Hope you can help…


DVD volume is low when is 2 channel and more loud when it is 5.1 or more.
But isn’t that simple… I don’t think that this is the problem.
Raise the wave sound also inside sound properties.

DVD audio has nothing to do with the drive, it’s encoded into the video stream. Most likely the DVD player program you use has been confused by the addition of a new drive. Suggest removing and re-installing the program, check your sound card settings and try again.