4163 firmware vs Wytron DVD-399

Hi there!

Does anybody know which LG firmware is the best for those who use these writers together with a Wytron DVD-399 duplicator?

It “seems” A104 doesn’t like wytron that much… Had two writers and a reader, the writers had 102 and 103 (one of each) and worked OK… flashed to 104 but now I get a weird error while recording… btw, the same error this guy (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=139435) has… and he uses 104 as well…

Just downloaded 105 but I don’t have the controller with me right now… so before trying all the firmware combinations possible I’d like to know if someone has a positive feedback related to any firmware specific.


Wytron lists the supported LG drives on their website, I assume they mean for you to use the factory standard firmware that ships with the LG drives. Even with the same firmware, mixing models for writers can cause problems with Wytron controllers.