4163 dies after firmware flash?!



Worked to install Windows. went from 102 --> 103 firmware and now the drive is seen in Windows but will not see any disc. tried several firmwares, all say successful but no go. Is it gone forever? First time with an LG drive. motherboard uses Intel 865 chipset.


Did it work before the A103 flashing with the same disks?


Yes, it was working, and now it’s working again after i flashed back and forth between 102 --> 103 --> 103RPC1 etc. several times. I guess I just got lucky. first time i’ve ever lost an opitcal drive in a firmware flash.


That sounds mysterious.


The 4163 seems to be very picky about flashing with the cables and master/slave exactly as specified. Thanks for the additional warning.


It was set at Secondary Master. The Primary Master was SATA.


Most times, I flashed LG DVD writers through a PCI card. Either Master or Slave. 80cm cables, no problem. Rounded cables, no problem.


I try several updates with my lg 4163.
And everytime i get a fault.
The flasher starts and … hangs…
After a reboot i get a firmware called “cor05” or something else.
I have to do it in a computer of a friend of mine.
My first lg 4163 died and i had to change it in the store where i bought it.
Which configuration i ever tried, nothing works for me!
Until yet i thought it was the via-chipset on my board, but if it´s even with an intel ??
Really mysterious.