4160B only 16x with Mitsubishi Metal AZO

I’ve used my 4160B a long time since I bought it last year.

It works properly with Yuden 4x/8x & MKM 8x/16x DVD+R but has big problem with my old MKM Metal AZO CD-R …

The write speed is only 16x with my NERO
I believe the system is OK 'cause I can write a Verbatim CD-RW at 24x
And the CD-Rs are for sure no fake 'cause I can write it at 48x with my old Lite-on CD-RW writer … and even in 4160B the NERO can recognize the disc label as Mitsubishi Chemical Inc.

Today I updated my 4160B with A04 firmware but the problem is still the same. What can I do with my hundreds of old CD-R stock??

I suspect LG spends its time concentrating on improving support for DVD burning more than CD burning with each new version of firmware.

I have these black CD-R discs that look like an old fashion record made by gigastorage. Same problem as your old metal AZO MKMs. They won’t burn on my 4163 - instant coaster. I’ve tried with firmware versions 1.00->1.03 with no difference. I also tried burning an old verbatim 4x cd-r. It too would not burn. Both discs burn fine on my old Plextor 12X 1210 writer. My 4163 works with newer verbatim and mitsubishi discs though.

I guess the only thing you can do is to see if you can swop those discs with friends who have other brands of CD-Rs that work on your burner.

:iagree: thank you karangguni
I will find some software to check the full infomation of my MKM discs, try if I can find out the production date…