4160B not recognizing DVD-RAM

Hi all.

Im running a P4 2.4 with Win2k SP4 and Directx 9.

Got a new LG GSA4160B installed but doesnt recognise DVD-RAM disc (says "Please insert disc).

The same disc is recognised as RAMUDF20 by my Toshiba SD-M1712 DVD-ROM drive which is fitted to the same machine.

I have installed the DVD-RAM software,and update, mentioned in other posts in this forum. (my Toshiba drive wouldnt recognise the DVD-RAM disc before i installed the software so the software must be installed correctly. Pity Toshiba wasnt as helful as this forum when I queeried the problem with them 6 months ago).

At first I thought it may be that the 4160B was connected to the add on IDE card I have fitted but I swapped it with the Toshiba which was connected to motherboard IDE2 which made no difference whatsoever.

The 4160B reads normal DVD with no problems.

I only have the one Panasonic 4.9 DVD-RAM disc to test but I doubt if thats the problem.

Any ideas?

Regards Gary.

Strange but I can use DVDForm to format the disc in the 4160B but it still doesn’t show the disk in explorer.
I know it has formatted correctly in the 4160B because I changed the volume label and it showed that it had changed when I put the disc into the Toshiba drive. When the disk is in the toshiba it shows the volume label and disc capacity as it would any other disk but still get the Insert disk message when in the 4160B.

Its not making any sense but i’m guessing I will have to use something like InCd to recognise the disc in the writer as opposed to the Toshiba which only reads DVD-RAM

Can anybody confirm this as I dont want to use InCd if I can avioid it.

Yep. Installed InCd 4 and can now read and write to 4160B but have had to remove DVDForm because InCD insisted I do so.

Regards. Gary