4160 with benq (daxon)

I tried burning some benq 8x (daxon az2) media using my 4160 (a303) and got some odd results. The speed started out at 6x (which is expected, I think?), then it goes to 8x, but then drops back down to 6x. Writing discs using dvd decrypter and alcohol both did this, but were still readable. When I used nero to write some video files, they were practically unviewable.

I’m assuming that its just bad media, but I want to be sure since I just got this drive a few days ago. Also, nero doesnt allow you to write discs at 6x. Is there some other data writing program that allows 6x?


I’ve seen burn curves like this on my 4163B with firmware A103 as well. It appears the 8x option just means it can burn some parts of the disc at 8x or faster than 4x anyway. I have had some burn at 6x all the way through when 8x is selected, and others with a curve like you experienced. I think this is just LG being conservative to ensure ideal burn quality until they full optimize different media strategies. And yes, it was on lesser quality media like this. This is still good quality media of course, but it’s not on par with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. I have a couple spindles of the Daxon AZ2 media as well, although I don’t remember the burn curves off the top of my head. I do have test discs from firmware A102 and I could post the results of that when I dig them out.

Strange, with the A102 on the 4163 it stats writing ~6x and ends writing at 8x without dropping back down. I it’s confirm that the problem occurs in A103 maybe I shouldn’t upgrade to A103 for the time being as I’ve got a few spindles of AZ2 as well.