4160 doesnt support ritek medias?

I bought some cds… iota recorded ok, then i tryed ridata (ritek) and just after the begining it apeared on nero “lead out failed” and it keep running like was recording… i took a bath and when returned it was still “writing”… i ctrl+alt+del and rebooted to eject dvd…

then i heard it could be that speciphic dvd and not the brand… tryed with a ridata (ritek) without painting i bought too (g04 istead of g05) and same happened (this time when i ctrl+alt+del nero showed a message “recording failed at 4x” so i didnt had to reboot)…

Whats the problem?

The 4160 dont record ritek , or the prblem is with my drive… or firmware? how i know which version of firmware i have?



I tryed to record a IOTA on 4x (i used 2x on previus ones) and surprise same problem that ritek showed… so it seems its a problem with 4x speed (i cant try ritek on 2x since it doesnt support it),

Can anyone help me?

I found that all my devices were scsi and nero reported that problem

even my hd as scsi

found this, the problem was my mb ide driver…


SOLVED!!! WOHOOOOO!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: