415th comic - Garfield and the evil spider!



Heya everybody,

thanks again to whoever has unlocked my profile. I wanted to change my mail address yesterday and the activation mail did not work. The activation ID didn’T work either so my profile was locked up and I couldn’t do anything here. Then I wrote a mail to the support and changed the picture of comic number 414 with text so I hoped somebody would see that my account is locked. Thanks again for unlocking.

OK now today’s comic introduces a new character for our comic story line…

Who remembers the evil toaster? Sure some of you will do…
Who remembers the evil silly doggg ^^ like Roof DOGGG :iagree:

Now today get ready for the evil spider!

Yeah and that means … we have more spider comics on the horizon…
…yeah and sure the toaster will appear again… when you don’t expect it!

Boy I sure love that toaster!

Have a nice day!



Ok Alex enough, I think my spleen is ruptured…LOL


Haahahaha! Had me laughin’ as usual…always good to see you post, Alex. :slight_smile:


ahahahha another good one Alex!


Yo Alex-

Most excellent-eh!!!


That’s a nasty spider. :stuck_out_tongue: