4120B's got Green LED only?



I have a 4120B. The confusing green LED flashing no matter what the drive was doing. It was still green LED flashing even in recording process. Is this normal?


Perfectly normal!


It is very penny pinching of them. I would prefer mine to have a red and a green just like all the other writers.


my drive also just have a greed LED
So I think this is normal


… btw, seems to be ‘in’ , same with my Nec



So far ALL my drives and burners only had one LED.
I am confuzzled.

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Yes some have a single colour in one LED package

most have red/green in the SAME LED package (appearing as just one led that changes colour)

some (like my scsi 12x plextor cd-rw) have multiple (four in this case) leds

the more leds the better me thinks!



Yeah, I know the concept, but I meant ONE LED, just one, one color, nothing more. :wink:
But looking back… I only had LG, Pioneer and one Plextor so far, so what the heck.

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