4120b Users :cd And Dvd Burning With 4120b - Is It Good?

The Lg 4120b Arrived To Israel.

I’m Going To Buy One And A Few Of My Friends Would Also Like To.

However, We Have Read A Review That The Cd Burning Quality Of Lg4120b Is Bad.

Any 4120b Users That Can Post Results Or Experience With Cd Burning?

How About Dvd Burning - How Do You Find The Quality.

I’ve Read All That Was Written By Kenshin On It, But User Opinions Will Help.

I’ve had enough of the forum type reviews where ten experts kill excellent burners because they would not crack vsafe. I’m highly interested in user experience which i trust much more.

I just got my first DVD Burner, the LG GSA-4120B.
So far it’s ok. I’ve been burning with 8x -R media, but it only burns at 4x. It’s some inexpensive Ritek G05 stuff. I think the name on the package was AVB or ABV. The discs play on my standalone DVD player, but not too well on my PS2. Also, I tried a burn from an ISO file with DVD Decrypter. When it tried to verify the files on the disc, it reported errors.
CD burning seems fine. DVD+R seems fine. DVD-RAM seems fine.
I’m new to DVD burning, and I’ve only burned a few, so this could merely be a case of bad choice of media.

Have a good one.

This burner is already capable of some stunning 12X burns with the correct DVD media.

I myself have had some satisfactory CD-R burns with Moser Baer Media, and Verbatim Datalife Plus media, with low C1 and Zero C2 error counts.

I’m sure that any hiccups will be quickly sorted out with firmware updates in the near future.

LG seem to release f/w fairly often.

Some of the competitors (ie NEC) could learn from them.

It’s a superb DVD reader too, especially with scratched or damaged media.

It can only get better in the near future.