4120B Purchase Advice

Hi folks - I am looking to add a second dvd burner to go with my Plextor 712a and a local shop has the 4120b on sale. For those people who own this burner, would you purchase it again if you know what you knew now about the burner? I am mostly interested in DVD+R and Dual Layer performance. Thanks!

I purchased 4120b dvd burber about one month ago, no any problems so far… but I haven’t yet burned any dual layer discs, because these are still so expencive…

Yes, this burner burn very good quality DVD, be sure i’d buy the same again!


I was only also very content with it until it broke - but hey, I am getting a new one and still looking forward to it. :wink:
So go ahead.

  • Poot -

I have 9 pieces of GSA4120B A110… quality good…speed real…media compatibility good, even it burns cheapest media. Just I have got only one problem that it does not match with my DVD Controller/Duplicator…separately all works fine but if runs all at the same time it hangs my system due to it’s fast burning speed.

Love It. Dvd Ram Is Excellent For Ongoing Backups. Quiet. Good Reader. Excellent Burning Quality. However, It Might Also Be Wise To Check The 3500a And Get Dl X4 With X2.4 Dl Media (ׂalthough Personaly I Would Prefer Dvd Ram).