4120B: any 8x DVD+R good enough for 12x?



I’m look at this: TAIYO YUDEN DVD+R 8X. Some reported to burn at 16x successfully, any idea how it would work with 4120B?? LG is picky picky…


I use 8x TY +R media in my LG 4120 , and they burn fine at 12x. I am using the A111 firmware which I find superior to the A112 version.

I have had good results with 8x Philips +R (RICOHJPNR02) at 12x too.


Verbatim 8x +R MCC003 work at 12x but quality at 4x is vastly superior.


RICOHJPNR02 will do fine at 12x also.


I can confirm good writability with RICOHJPNR02 at 12x. I use Platinum dvd+r 8x and run it at 12x in the LG-4120B. Available in the Netherlands at around Euro 15 for a 25 piece cakebox.

SummitMan :slight_smile:


Just for the records, GSA-4163B burns the same 8x media at 12x a little faster than GSA-4120B. :slight_smile: It’s 12x Z-CLV but nearly as fast as Pioneer DVR-A08 at 16x. :slight_smile:

So far, I’ve used my GSA-4120B mostly for 8x because 8x writing always seemed to create better quality burns than 12x.