4120b and TTG02 (aka TDK DVD-R 8x)

Just got a really good price on a spindle of TDK DVD-R 8x only to go to burn one and find that the stupid 4120b will only burn them at 4x!!! What gives? I’ve got the A111 firmware on it… Surely these discs can’t be that crap can they? Anyone got any ideas or had any experience with these? :sad:

How sure are you it’s 4x only?

Well nero says that so does dvd info pro… upgraded to 112 no difference, downgraded to 110 no difference. Downgraded to 104 and now it can do 8x… Bloody LG messing with the write speeds :frowning:

Not many have TTG02 media. Not me.

Can you post more details for better understanding?

So you are saying:

  1. A104: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 8x capable
  2. A110: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 4x capable
  3. A111: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 4x capable
  4. A112: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 4x capable

The problem with this LG forum is that not many people are posting their experiences in a somewhat organized style.

Sorry, yes that is exactly my problem here! It should be noted that these are the printable TDK’s, i think the non printable ones use TTG01? Is that right?

If you don’t tell me about it, how can I know? I don’t even know where you are and where you bought the media. As I said above, I don’t have any TDK 8x DVD-R media. I think I have one or two TDK 4x DVD-R media that were bought in Tokyo by one of my friends two years ago.

OK, I am located in Western Australia and have bought a spindle of printable TDK DVD-R 8x discs (which are recognised as TDK and TTG02). The discs are made in Taiwan and the code on the wrapper is DVD-R47PW50B-AU. I own an LG-4120B drive and the results with different firmwares are as follows:

  1. A104: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 8x capable
  2. A110: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 4x capable
  3. A111: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 4x capable
  4. A112: TTG02 TDK 8x DVD-R in GSA-4120B up to 4x capable

It seems they are genuine TDK 8x DVD-R media (which I didn’t doubt in the first place though.)

Can you post some screenshots from Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.61? Preferably burning at 8x with A104 firmware. Is TDK TTG02 burned at 8x with 4120B A104 good enough for readback? Or what about error scanning?

Just burnt a second disc (just over 2GB) using DVD Decrypter and it only burnt at 6x (according to the real time display) but is that because they only start burning at 8x later on in the purning process? Here are some screen shots of the disc i burn with nero. Btw this is using nero CD-DVD Speed 3.55

Create a DVD-Video title of about 4,700,000,000 bytes. Burn it using Nero Burning Rom or any other good version to “Image Recorder” not GSA-4163B and save the image file. Run Nero CD-DVD Speed version 3.61 and set the option to enable using image file for Create Data Disc burn tests. And then run the Create Data Disc test on a blank TTG02 disk.

Here is my SONY08D1 8x DVD-R test with GSA-5163D, the external version of GSA-4163B.

Taken from here.

I’ll have to search more for 8x DVD-R graph in GSA-4120B.

Sorry I’m confused, how do I make a DVD title? Do i need to rip a dvd movie that I own? Btw according to this site http://www.nero.com/en/prog_versions.php the latest version is 3.55 not 3.61 so where do i get that version from?

Have you tried FirmWare A115?

(somehow I keep getting the feeling that A104 is the best firmware, at least compared to A111 and A112) I liked the behaviour of my drive better…

Ok tried the A115 FW and it still won’t burn above 4x :frowning:

CDspeed2000.com. Click the page on my signature. (I reduced the file size from over 170KB to under 80KB though it’s still too big.)

Personally, I liked N0AD, the pre-release nonofficial version most. Not necessarily it’s better than the other, but just because I’m more familiar with it.

There are quite a few printable 8x DVD-R TDKs available in Germany, which are fakes of poor quality (probably from Hongkong). Printable media are particularily easy to fake, because they don’t have any brand label on the disk. You really have to make a PI/PIF test to see whether you have really TDK or junk from Hongkong.

I had exactly the same problem (4x with A110 -A111 and 8x with A104), I bought TDK TG02 at Nierle in germany, I think they are crap disk (or LG4120 does’nt like them) I had more than 30% of focus errors. But still considering they are crap disks the question is: why A104 recognise the 8x and the other more recent firmware not?

Could it be that LG recognized they are crappy and then lowered the burn speed?

Ok here is a dvd video burn (a lil undersized but all i could find). Drive is 4120b, media is TDK TT0G… Seem to be alright at 8x, i burnt another dvd video and it plays in a set top dvd player no problems!