4120B and Nero - Why is Verify so slow?


I replaced my old LG 4040B with the 4120B. Everything seems to work fine. But:

I checked the speed for writing DVD and Verify (Option of Nero). (I hope, “verify” is the proper word, because I have a German Version of Nero and there it is called “Daten nach dem Brennen überprüfen” which means “Verify Data after burning”.

My Hardware: P4 2,4, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HD 7200 rpm, WIndows 2000 SP4

Test Data: 2 x 2 GB files = 4 GB
I used Verbatim +R certified 8x.

Here are the results:
Write 4x: 14 min
Verify: 16 min

Write 8x: 8 min
Verify: 16 min (!)

Write 12x: 6’45 min
Verify: 16 min (!)

Why is verify so slow? The 4120B should read the DVD+R between 8x and 10x. Verify should not be slower than around burning 8x.

Any ideas??

I forgot: Firmware of the 4120 is A111

… hmm … I don’t use the option ‘verify’ but I know it takes time … i think it’s a bit more
. . than just reading datas, the more it compares data from disk with origins, so you can’t
. . compare with reading time … your writing time seems to be ok

Welcome querdenker :),

i think it’s quite normal that the verification takes such a long time. Check out this thread for more information Verify written data in nero is this really useful or waste of time?. I’m using CDCheck which is also mentioned in the thread to verify my data http://www.elpros.si/CDCheck/ and it’s doing it’s job very good.

Yes, writing time is ok. I know, there is a little bit of overhead for reading the data from HD and for comparing the data, but a friend checked the same with his Plextor-Writer (I don’t know the model, but he means it is comparable with the 4120B) and he got for verify just about 6 min (which seems for me to bee ok). There must be something wrong with my system. But what?


thanks for the info and the links. I think CDCheck is a good idea (I used it years ago but I lost it). Advantage too, I will do “Compare” in another DVD-ROM-Drive and not in the drive I burned the DVD. If Compare is ok, my Data should be relatively ok and secure.

Is there any advantage to CDCheck over Nero CD-DVD Speed ScanDisc?