4120B and DVD-Ram questions

ok, after getting the 4.6DX problem resolved, I’ve got another question.

I did/do have a Panasonic LF-D521 currently in the same machine as the 4120b. The 521 is on IDE2 and the 4120b is in a USB2 cabinet.

When the 521 installs, it adds 2 drive letters. One for the ‘CD’ side of the world, one for the ‘RAM’ side. The RAM shows as a ‘removable harddrive’.

the 4120 just shows as a single drive letter.

This was a bare ‘OEM’ drive, so nothing came with it.

Tried to load the RAM-Drivers that someone posted (that were actually Panasonic files, just a little older than the ones that came with the 521) and no difference. Tried to load INCD, no difference.

I can USE all the Panasonic Utilities (MovieAlbum, MovieAlbum Copy) to extract the VRO’s (by program) without any real incident EXCEPT for the one that will let me ‘dust check’ the drive. It will only work on the ‘removable HD’ aspect of the drive.

Is this just ‘the way it works’ on the LG?
Would a real driver disc for the LG help? any idea where to get one?
Is it the USB2 connection (which was preventing it from working with RNM 4.5)