4120B and 8x TDK DVD+R media

Hello all,

FW1.04, Nero, XP/Sp1.

I successfully burned that media, the LG is able to read it, while my Liteon 166s DVD drive is not. Windows complains that it not a format supported by windows.
Also with a Pioneer 105 i was unsuccessful (drive freezes while spinning).

I tried to read it in two notebooks with 2K, with success.

Any ideas on what’s happening ?

Thanks all


use fw 1.10


thank you for the suggestion. But it’s still not ufficial yet, I’d prefer to wait the release from LG. Is it sure that if fixes that problem ?



That is common behavior of FW 104. 110 fixes the problem.

It didn’t fix it in my case. I’m at A110, xpsp1, and the latest Nero.

I called LG Canada and they said that the drive was defective and to send it in for replacement.

fw A104 will booktype dvd+r to dvd-rom but somehow it is not recognised in liteon/based dvdroms. ur tdk dvd+r 8x is made by ricoh(mediacode:ricohjpnr02) which is a good media. A110 supposed2 solve the issue but LG has yet to release officially.

Thanks all for sharing ideas/experiences.

An additional question. I verified my Nero setting. Booktype was set to DVD-ROM. May an “unchanged” be helpful ?



yes. it might help.


 I tried with latest Nero, and booktype set on physical media type. The result is the same, my 166 Liteon DVD player is unable to read it (windows complains no dvd is inserted. Just for info.

How long have we to wait for an ufficial release by LG ?


Same here,
I am using A104 & Nere My Liteon is 165H
The TDK 8X+ media (Ricoh) is not recognizable in my liteon 165h. But still able to perform kprobe. Terribly with an average pie/pif more than 500 with max. >1000
The media read well in my lg writer also no read error found on testing with dvdinfopro.

Strange. Dunno whether the new fw 111 can fix?


Just DOWNGRADE my 165H to CH0N fw. DVDinfopro showed not supporting DVD+R. But the problematic DVD+R (4.19G data) were readable and copied to my HD without problem and looks smooth. Strange…

Hello All,

Ok, Fw 111 solved the problems I had. My Liteon 166 is now able to read the DVD (booktyped to DVD-ROM).

Thanks all for support