4120 will it ever support 4x DVD+R DL?

Anyone think that LG will ever release a firmware for 4x DVD+R DL burning…

Feeling kinda cheated that it does 2.4x DL burning when Pioneer and ASUS have 4x drives comming out in a few weeks…

Should have waited…

hehe same, one of my mates got his hands on the new pioneer, and i thought i was cool cos i had the LD lol :stuck_out_tongue: He’s always one step ahead!

LG released GSA-4120B in the first half and Pioneer released A08 in the second half. :slight_smile:

LG will also have a 16x writer on the market. So will Lite-On, NEC, Ricoh among others.

If we wait LG we can wait forever… They do not release firmware updates often (like Lite On).
Usually you have to find a firmware upgrade on rpc1.org or on some impossible korean site.

Let’s hope in an hacked firmware! Besides, DL discs costs too much right now so waiting for a new firmware is not a pain yet! :wink:

What’s impossible about Korean sites? I sometimes translate Korean-language pages into English to make it easier to understand for those who cannot read it even with the help of trasnlation software (which is virtually worse than nothing) but most LG firmware files are available in various languages. Do you get the same service from Lite-On? They work differently. Lite-On IT’s a company created mainly for optical storage devices. LG was actually created to manufacture soap in a war-time South Korea. Lite-On’s good at some things and LG’s good at some other things.

I don’t think LG will ever provide firmware for 4x DL burning for GSA-4120B. That’s against LG’s policies. One might think Lite-On sometimes uses the fact many enthusiasts like to flash firmware just to make the maximum writing speeds faster to sell more drives by making Lite-On’s name popular. An LG employee will say it’s against their policy because both hacked firmware and over-speed burning are dangerous and confusing for consumers. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong for LG to limit the writing speeds mostly to suit the major media makers’ specifications from Taiyo Yuden, Hitachi-Maxell, Mitsubishi, Ricoh, and so on. Sometimes I think that’s a better policy which does not mean I’m reluctant to have Lite-On drives at all.

I say this

I had a problem with lite on 165 DVD-ROM, they answer email and send me preliminary firmware which solves my problem.

I email LG beacuse GSA-4120 does not support ritek G05 media and 12 emails later they have no information on why it does not burn at 8x. Mostly they try to blame nero. This is not right, nero burns prodisc and fujifilm at 8x.

So why not buy fujifilm and prodisc media?
And post in the good thread?

the ‘fairness’ issue , dude. let say i bought 100 Ritek and found out it dun work or dun work well with LG. so what would u do? try to sell away the ritek and get new media? or buy another 100 of other media which work?

so is it MY FAULT that i did not do enuf market resarch and hastily got the media that dun work?

did u see on the retail box or any parts of the burner’s labels or manuals that tell you which brand of media burned well which don’t?

some websites do not even DARE to put up a list of media that work.

so the poor guy who did not get any reply, i feel really sorrie. DVD Burner sellers shld realise that not every user out there is as ‘technically savvy’ as the pool of people or ‘experts’ here, including myself who learn many things from many failures and wasted a lot of money also.
( not to mention my first optorite dd0203 drive which gave me 101 issues!)

What’s wrong about Ritek and LG? If you really want to be fair on this, you should also try to understand how the drive and media manufacturers work really. As spath once said, Philips is better at DVD+R and DVD+RW and Pioneer is better at DVD-R and DVD-RW. Matsushita is better with DVD-RAM and PD. Lite-On works better with Taiwanese media which happen to have about 80% of the world’s CD-R and DVD recordable media marketshare. Less experienced manufacturers are naturally less experienced with various media from the 2nd and 3rd tier manufacturers. Either because they didn’t have time to test with many media properly before they release and mass-produce the drives or because they didn’t want to or because they don’t have good relationship with some of the media makers. All those happen in the real world. Is it AMD’s fault for the AMD chipsets and AMD processors not to support Pentium 4 platforms? It’s called compatibility and standards. It’s better for all to support all others and one standard for HDTV is better for everyone. That kind of perfect and ideal cooperation never happened in the computer and consumer electronics industries at least since I remember. If Lite-On’s customer support is so good, what’s the need for a Lite-On forum here?

Which is better for companies to send “preliminary” firmware files to end user consumers or not in response to complaints or questions about media compatibilities?


That should apply to all manufacturers. Not every Lite-On consumer needs to know about OmniPatcher and K-Probe. Not every AMD consumer needs to know about CPU overspeed modification. Also, not every consumer is equal in knowledge and dedication. NINO & GIGO.

anyway, it is the CHOICE that we make. ther r so many choices.
just happen to be that some choices are bad, some are good;some are lucky some r not.

This is why I don’t buy media in large spools that I’ve never tested.

I buy one or two and try them first… after that I’ll jump in for 50-100.