411s to 811s Zmod is making me nervous

I’m in beginning stages of the Zmod upgrade and not a bit comfortable 'cause I don’t understand the technical process. I have backed up the 411s EEPROM and firmware but am clueless from there on. :confused:

Are any of you experts interested in doing the Zmod on 2 411s drives for a fee ?
I could send them out tomorrow, please let me know if you are interested and what would be the fee.

Thanks a bunch.

I don’t think that anyone should accept a fee to profit from doing this…

I’m sure Zebra would fix up your EEPROM’s and mail them back to you if you asked. If you can backup your EEPROM, then you can flash the modified EEPROM back onto your drive.

Yah, thanks Dave,

Agreed - gifts or anything like that are not needed here. If anybody offers you an upgrade like this, in exchange for $$$ or otherwise, please decline as not only is this illegal, it is also something you can obtail for [b]free.

[/b]If you PM me, we can sort it out and I will gladly deal with your EEPROM’s for you. Mmmk?


What? Its for free?

  • Gimme back the icy-pole and hotdog you made me send to you, Zeb!
  • bwahahhaaaa!

ps - works fine, Pyzon, since Dec 03/Jan 04, on 401, 411 and 812!
Just pay close attention to instructions, especially storing original EEPROM
on media, ie., floppy and put away somewhere safe…

Thanks for all the help, especially Zebra.
First mod went without a hitch and is an 8X burnin’ fool. Second has the blinking orange light trauma, and I’m just starting to look back in these forums for some insight. The second drive is now recognized as an 811S in LtnFlash and device manager, so something must be awry.

50% success isn’t so bad for an old extremely dangerous techno-dope.

Thanks again to all.

If “success” is defined as “not having an orange blinking light” then any of the crossflashing procedures, including the “Z-mod” should have a 100% (not 99.9, but 100) success rate, if done correctly.

If “success” is defined as good burn results, then that’s when the number is not 100%.

Something went amiss with your second drive. Try again. The orange blink indicates a procedural fault. It’s generally fixable by running through the procedure again.

yah…check your email.