411S skipping DVDs

Okay, I have read all the posts about this drive and I am getting ready to X change it in the next couple days I think. My problem with the drive is that when I copy a movie (that I own) on a DVD-R the movie plays fine at first then starts skipping like crazy. I am using Memorex 4X media which is identified as being CMC MAG AF1 media by DVD IDENTIFIER. Now I now that -R media is harder to copy but +R won’t play in my Toshiba stand alone. This is funny though. +R won’t play in my stand alone at all but +RW plays like a champ…no skipping at all. So, what do you think is the problem? I tried using some other brand media but it suked and now I have a nice coaster collection. Will burning at 1X solve the situation? HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

The “problem” is your stand-alone player. The solution is to find the right combination of media and burn speed to make it happy.
It would be ever so helpful if you could post some error scans, but if not, I suggest you start by reducing your burn speed.
If you can get some Fuji DVD-R (made in Japan), I’ll bet it’ll work for you.