411s sent mine back

After reading through the threads on here about this burner I’ve decided to return mine. It is supposed to be a 4x burner for DVD-R, but I’ve yet to hear of anyone who’s achieved this. The new firmware makes no difference and the money I’ve wasted on burning coasters I could’ve got a Pioneer, so that’s what I’ve done.

From expensive Maxell branded 4x media through to cheap discs, it fails every time with DVD-R unless you drop to 2x (I bought a 4x drive, I want 4 x recording and so should anyone else who bought this drive). I bought the liteon because I have had their cd drives with no problems, but this problem seems to be widespread, many forums at various sites, everyone frustrated in the same way.

This machine does not currently do what is it supposed to do and therefore anyone with one should be entitled to a refund, certainly in the UK as goods must be able to perform as advertised.

Good luck to anyone who perserveres, but for me it’s just too hit and miss.

just cause media cost more dont mean its better

I have no trouble burning TY and Sony DVD-R at 4x.

I burn on Ritek G04 at x4 with no problems.

TY has been perfect for me. Guys, I’m of the opinion that if you are burning something important to last long, why not invest on reliable media? Of course this is no excuse for Liteon to not to support more media.

Liteon is getting the same accusations which Samsung got when they released 348B Combo. It lacked support for bulk CDR media. Liteon should consider faster rebound with better firmware. However, my opinion doesn’t imply FS07 is bad or anything.


Additionally, So far I have /only burned TY DVD-R Media. It’s cheaper than + media in Seoul.

This drive has been good for me. I’m sad to hear that you returned yours.

lol how in the world do ya know who makes ya media before ya buy it.whats on the box and on label is neve rwhats on the disk.so far only -r disk ive tryied was some one that was 1 dollor a peice at staples it was said some odd name on label but when i checked with nero it said cmc magnectics

I accept that it may not burn cheap cd-r media, but I draw the line at it not burning on expensive, branded media. The drive should not have been released in it’s curent state. Certainly the supplier I bought from has offered a full refund, no arguments.

Oh, and the ones that it did burn at 2x have poor compatibility with DVD players… no suprise there !

Have got good results with verbatim spindle it rated at 2x only

Hey farookh. You picked those Verbatim discs up in Bombay? What were they priced at, if I may ask?

Hi Bhairav,

yes picked them up for Rs90 a piece comes in a box of 15.

write much better than the Princo 4x.

"The drive should not have been released in it’s curent state. "


They should be recalling these things. I managed to return mine to the store in exchange for a pioneer 106. The same ISO’s on exactly the same media that the 411s would ruin work perfectly when burnt with the 106. It is a faulty model. If you are not having problems with it on -r media, you probably havent tried to play your discs in a standalone dvd player. (Your computer doesn’t count!).

Also, 1 burn is not a test ppl. Ive wasted $70 on media doing tests on this thing so take my word for it, its br0ken. :wink:

Originally posted by farookh
[B]Hi Bhairav,

yes picked them up for Rs90 a piece comes in a box of 15.

write much better than the Princo 4x. [/B]

Awesome price :eek: Where did you get them? I need good media for my Pioneer A06 :bigsmile:

Only $70, personally I’ve wasted over $1000!! All because everyone kept saying try different media and do more than one test. My 411s is now only used as a KProbe tester, and I’m never buying another Lite-On.