411S Probs & Queries

So I picked up a Lite On 411S. Installed it and I can watch dvd movies, but my real question is to see whether I can back up my dvd movies.

Just to be safe, I burned a cdr at 40x which only took two minutes, and then proceeded to burn a date file on the dvd-rw, it worked, took a while but it worked.

So now I try to burn a dvd. I use AnyDVD running in the tray, and let it do its magic, and then use Elby’s Clone DVD, the one with the sheeps, but when it reads SOME of the dvd movie, which I gather its taking to put images somewhere on my HD before burning it, stalls my computer and restarts.

Here I’m wondeirng if its hardware or software. So far I think its software. And on a side note, I haven’t updated my firmware, since I heard some stories and wanted to see if it would burn a movie with its current settings and enclosed dvd-r.

Still thinking its a software problem, I use the other CloneDVD, the clonedvd.net one I think, and when I put dvds in, they read it at like 6 or 7 gigs. Way too big to burn. ANd yet when I put in a dvdr movie which I backed up from another dvd burner, it reads it a 4 gigs. Is it reading the dvd dics wrong?

Please, any help I needed.

PS. before I get any, “read so and so, first” I am but I wanted to do it both ways by posting and reading to get all the help I can find. Thanks.