411S problems resolved ?!

Hi Guys,

I’ve posted a few times before…troubles to burn/verify DVD + and +RW under Nero (latest V5.5.154 and Nero 6 latest, also even with CD-RW, and worse even DVD-RW erases had issues. This with Memorex (Ricoh), HP, and Fuji media! I tried everything includes the Liton bundled SW…no joy. Even upgraded to the latest FW (DEc 25)…still no good. Tried on variuous PCs etc.
Both 411S drives were produced Oct 2003.

Finally I was able to get a Dec production 411S(aka 451S)…What a difference,…everything burns, erases and verifies properrly…even using 10 of the former failed media…yeah the same physical x/RW disks.

For me it’s clear…Liteon may have produced a batch of BAD drives.

I hope this helps you all…