411S Problems again

hi there guys

System Specs:

P4 2,4Ghz
1024 Mb Ram
c drive 3gb free

Liteon 411-S on Secondary Master

Already tested on 2 Brands (Swisstec, was only possible to burn 1x and that those fucked up data over 2~ gb) and now ordered Princoh (since the 2 that came with the burner were the only 2 discs that worked) and having the same problem as usual now.

Tested with firmware that came with installation, tested with the FS0F Firmware, tried Nero 6 and RecordNow 4.60.

The princoh are the (here already mentioned in a bad way, should have read that earlier) RICOHJPNR01 and data is fucked all the time when it reaches 2gb+, anything between 1-2 gb is fine…

Any suggestions except buying new media again (thinking of they surley work since the 2 that came with the burner worked too i bought 50 pieces ;( )?

thanks for any kind of help guys


Princoh? Strange name, reminds me of Princo that is DVD-R and made by princo (low quality).

The included disc is a very high quality ricohjpnr01 disc and while buying ricohjpnr01 discs you never know how good they are as quality changes from batch to batch.

Tried writing them at 2.4X? That may help.

Else my only suggestion is to try other media…

sorry my fault, not princoh its ricoh as you see on dvdinfopro picuture, … the mighty <censored> jpnr01 series…

gonna try 2,4 now and thx for the first suggestion…