411s or 811s, wich to buy

Hello, I have a simple question:

For people buying his first DVD Recorder drive, is it better to get a 811s or a 411s, I mean, wich one have best value for money, because you can simple patch your 411s and you have a 811s, isn’t that right? Or the patched one doesn’t work as good as the sold 811s? What about DVD-R at 8X, will it be possible by patching to the 411s?

If you can afford the extra few dollars just spend the extra money and buy a real 811S. That way you won’t have any possible warranty issues.

you can look for pacific digitals they rebadge liteon. if you are looking for them the serial numbers with a 4 are lite on anything else is a BTC

also buslink rebadges liteons also

i got an 811s for $51 AR with info from [H]ard forum

good luck!