411s not recognized by most packages in win98

Any win98se users experience this.

Almost every software burning package I try to run will not recognize the 411s as valid drive. Even the “My DVD/Record Now” that came with the drive won’t work. I’ve gone through countless programs and the only one that works is Nero 6. (even Nero 5.5 wouldn’t recognize it. The drive itself works fine, every type of media burns flawlessly for me with Nero6 but no other programs show my 411s in the “choose a burner” type screens. Anyone seen this? I’m guessing I missed something very basic or it really isn’t very win98se compatible. Any thoughts appreciated.

Asus p4p800 deluxe (I865) 3.0GHZ
512 dual ddr
ATI9800pro (AIW)
2 HDDs
1 ldw-411s (FS02)
The 2 HDDs are paired on primary IDE
The 2 DVDs are paired on Seconday IDE

Check your ASPI layer.

Thanks Pinto2
That set me in the right direction.
Turns out the ASPIs were a complete mismatch. I put in 4.60 which helped but I ended up with problems ripping. I bumped them up to 4.71 and I’m all set now. Also seems that some packages insist on seeing the drive as a secondary master. So I had several issues.

In the interum, I also bumped up the firmware from fs02 to fsoj. Haven’t noticed any thing different from it.

At any rate, I’m working much better now and appreciate the pointer.