411s not burning DVD's

Please help! I have a LDW-411s that will not burn DVD’s. It will read/write CD’s and read DVD’s. It does see the blank DVD media but just won’t burn it. I have tried several different types of media and software to no avail. I made the mistake of emailing support at Lite-On. Their response was to contact someone else. :doh: Geez!

I checked it with Nero’s InfoTool and everything seems to be fine. I also updated the firmware.

Please help if you can.

try some Ricoh JPNR01s if they dont work and every thing else does then its probebly time to retire it.

you could upgrade it to a 811s but if it wount burn R01`s then its probebly dead.

ps. welcome to cdfreaks.

Thank you darlin. I’ll try the Ricoh’s and see what happens.