411s no longer burns cds

Hi , My 411s seems unable to burn cds anymore. I hae reset learned media in case that made a difference. It didnt . I have flashed back to fsof firmware but that made no differnce. The last 5 cds have been coasters. Dont think its the cds as i have burnt over 50 with no problem.There Ritecs . Strangly it still burns dvds with no problems ricoh jpr01 's so is there any point in cleaning laser? Is there an explanation for this.
. Maybe it is time I got a new burner probably the benq 1640.

I’m sure your 411s served you well, but now it looks like it’s time for retirement.
Sure, you could try this and that, but in the long run you’ll have to look for replacement.

BenQ might be a good replacement, but history has told us Lite-On’s are far better CD burners. If you burn a lot of CD’s my suggestion is to get a SHW-1635 or SOHW-1693. :slight_smile: