411s: much better scan with FS0F than FS0J

I just wanted to document my success so maybe other people could also benefit from it. Also this post is dedicated to those who helped me this week with my new burner! Thank you!

So here are my conclusions:
I get much better results using the FS0F fw than with FS0J when burning DVD+R (haven’t tried DVD-R yet). When i recieved my DVD burner I upgraded it right away with the FS0J because I read somewhere that it was better with DVD+R. Don’t set your mind after reading one post, all the more so since eveyone here has different harware/software configuration. Anyways today I took the time to read a few post about the 411s and made the the general impression that are much more people supporting the FS0F fw. So to all newbie who need advice to select a firmware: go for the FS0F as your first choice!! If it doesn’t work, then try a more recent one.

here are my results with 2 diffrent fw. DVD+R media are the same (TDK 4X)
Data CDs fully loaded.

  1. Bad! FS0J

  2. Much better! FS0F

But the scans are done using those two different firmwares which can give quite different results. So it necessairly does not mean, that FS0F burns better.

Try to scan BOTH discs with the SAME firmware, say FS0F and then compare the results!

I used the FS0F that worked well in burning RITEK G04 DVD-R 4X discs but it would not work with the BITSETTING PROGRAM. So I flashed it back to FS0J. I don’t know if flashing the drive back n forth from FS0J to FS0F is a good idea. I had posted this in my other posting regarding RITEK G04 DVD-R.

Well the whole point of these 2 graph was actually to compare the 2 firmware…

Yeah lack of bitsetting compatibility is definately an important weakness. Hopefuly Liteon will release a new firmware similar to FSOF with bitsetting compatibility