411S is it dying?

been using 411S for half year
only burn dvd-r verbatim/mitsubshi media
plus many type of dvd+rw media
recently it produce two 2xspeed mitsubishi coasters, it start to burn and after a few secs split out with error, and the media is not usable after that
plus it kill one of my tdk x4 dvd+rw, making it undetectable with 411s
now some x4 verbatim media burn successfully, when verify with cdcheck will have unreadable data at the end
so should i buy a disc cleaner or send it for repair
or any other things to try

ps: all along burning data with recordnow dx

have u installed/tested any apps at all recently on ur machine? maybe its ur aspi layer giving trouble. If u have nero, then nero infotool will tell u if ur aspi is in a good state. It may be a mechanical problem and require cleaning, but since it actually started the burn, I more think the drive has life but software trouble.

Send it for repair. With a little bit of luck they will exchange it for a 451, a much better drive, IMO.

Also, the 451 can be patched to 832s :iagree:

Yes, it’s dead. Send it back. Get new drive for shipping costs. :slight_smile: