411S is crapping out on me!

I have the 411S. it used to work great, but recently when playing movies in the drive (brand new) it skips and stutters. this is with any movie i put in it.

when i burn a dvd it won’t let me burn any faster than 2.4X… then, the burnt movies play like crap in any player i put them in. i am using prodisc dvd+r and have not had any trouble with them in the past.

also, when i try to use the bitsetting utility it says it can’t find the drive! i have FSOK firmware… any suggestions?

Please read the announcement at the top of the forum. You need to give us more information and maybe some scans, before we can really help you. Which OS, media information, is DMA enabled…

Re the bitsetting problem. The most common cause of this is the NForce IDE drivers combined with the ASPI drivers. Normally I’d say delete the NForce IDE drivers but a recent post suggested removing the ASPI driver and then letting XP use the SPTI driver, which allows the NForce IDE drivers to work with the bitsetting tool. :wink: