411s Installation problem


I installed the 411s last night. I replaced a Plextor 8/4/32a. The 411s is Secondary Master with a Pioneer-106 DVD-ROM as Slave and there are two hard drives as master and slave on the primary channel. After I put the drive in and booted up, Windows 2000 automatically installed the drive, and I noticed that my ethernet card disappeared. THen the computer asked me to reboot to finish the installation of the 411s. I rebooted, the 411s was installed but the ethernet card was still missing. Windows suggested that I uninstall/reinstall the ethernet card, which I did. Then I rebooted, but the computer wouldn’t boot-up. I fiddled with the computer a little, got it to boot but it won’t go into Windows, I get the error “WinNT/System32/Config/System file is corrupt press r on the Windows 2000 INstall CD”

I have an Asus A7M266 with a 1400 T-bird. Geforce 2 PRO, 512 MBs of RAM.

Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Do you have the Windows 2000 CD?

If you do you need to run a repair to most likely repair a damaged system file.
I’ve ran repairs before and it usually fixs things.

Hey, sorry, I don’t have another computer so its hard for me to reply in a timely manner.

yeah, I have a windows CD but it wouldn’t do the repair because I don’t have an Emergence Rescue Disk or whatever. I did the stuff described on this site: http://is-it-true.org/nt/nt2000/atips/atips118.shtml

Basically I replaced the Winnt/System32/Config/System file with the one on the CD. After that it got past the part where it stalled before and then for some reason chkdsk ran and found a lot of errors. Then the computer hung, and I rebooted and I got this message:

NTLDR is missing…
Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Now when I boot with the Win2k CD and go back to the recovery console, I can’t even get to my C:\ drive at all, I can still get to my D: drive HDD that is on the same Primary IDE channel.

Any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT 1/30/2004: Fixed link.

if chkdsk found alot of errors…I assume bad clusters, indexing etc., then your hard drive is in trouble.

Those errors are true indicators of a hard drive with bad clusters.
You can reinstall windows all you want but it will continue to happen if my diagnosis is correct.

You said you can get to your D: drive. If that drive is in the same format or NTFS you can copy all the stuff you need from the C: drive…either to the accessible drive or on a DVD.

If you are going to eventually reformat the C: drive then wait a couple days after you copy the stuff (unless you copied the entire drive), because even when I try my best I always forget one or two important things I forgot to copy.

Of course it could be that you just had a bad installation or a virus and all my advice would be meaningless.

I guess it’s possible my HDD failed but the problem occurred immediately after the installation of the 411s, so I doubt the HDD physically failed during that time span. Is it possible that the replacement of the plex 8/4/32a with the 411s may have caused an anomaly on the IDE channel causing corrupt data to be written to my boot drive?

Thanks for the replies.

I doubt it…

I couldnt read the link you posted, but why couldnt you get to the recovery console to repair with the “r” command?

Know this sounds simple but i’ve had the same problem a couple of times. I used cable select on one pc, and just replaced the ide cable on another.

I’ll try using another IDE cable, I don’t think doing cable select is a good idea though, most things I’ve read say to shy away from that if possible.

here is a fixed link to what I first tried:

I put in an extra 1 the first time, I’ll edit my other post too.

yeah, I got to the recovery console, I meant that I couldn’t do the automatic and/or manual recovery as it’s listed on the CD because I didn’t have an ERD, but I was able to get to the recovery console and replaced the WinNT/System32/Config/System file with the one from the CD. but then the chkdsk and now the “NTLDR is missing” errors happened.

from experience…that definitely seems like a drive with bad clusters.
I had a drive with similar symptoms.
Run chkdsk again if you can…and if it continues to find bad clusters or, worse yet, cannot complete its disk check, then its definitely as I diagnosed.

Hey, thanks a lot for all your help.

Well, I got a new hard drive, it seems that the old hard drive is still in perfect working condition but for some reason it had formatted itself. I was able to recover everything off of it though afterwards, so that’s cool. I have flashed my 411s to FS0J (it was FS05 out of the box) and used LTNRPC on it. So far I’ve burned one DVD+R, a memorex that is RICOHJPN. But it burned really slow and had high cpu utilization. Afterwards I realized that the drive was set to PIO instead of DMA, not it is Ultra DMA Mode, so I hope next time things go better, just don’t have anything else to burn. Do you think I should try reburning that first DVD?

Thanks again for all your help.