411s firmware-confused-should I update?



I believe I have version FSOK (at least that is what Nero tells me) which I installed at least a year ago.

Should I update to the latest ( DR4FS0K ) which seems to be the same version, but with a fairly recent date (August 2004) ? Can it be that the same version name was used twice or was it reposted with a later date ? I am confused.

The only problem I have ever noticed is that I sometimes have to burn CD-R audio at less than max speed or the later tracks skip.

Will a firmware update make my DVD’s more compatible with my friend’s players ?

Thanks for any advice/info…


why don’t you upgrade to 811 model with crossflashing firmware?

8x with +r dvd media…


The firmware revision is FS0K, the zip filenames on the Liteon site all start with DR, so they are the same.